MITAK Wear Resistant Alloys are used in crushing, grinding, pumping and materials handling applications

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Welcome to the home page of one of the world’s largest suppliers of wear resistant castings.  MITAK is based in Johannesburg, the commercial heart of South Africa, and has been producing wear resistant castings for forty years for export and local markets.

The materials made by MITAK fall exclusively in the category of High Chrome White Irons and the company has the capacity to manufacture over 1,000 tons per month for the pumping, crushing, grinding, brick making and materials handling industries.

Ten foundry moulding lines are each customised to manufacture a specific category of castings. MITAK is therefore able to offer versatility of supply and parts as small as 5kg, and as large as 18 tons finished mass can be produced in the different lines. Each bay also has a different output capacity - from high volume production to jobbing-type low quantity production.

The company’s production facilities also ensure that the entire production process can be handled in-house. These include a pattern shop with CNC pattern milling capability, an eight-furnace heat treatment plant and an extensive machine shop with more than 120 machine tools. 

This site is designed to provide some brief information on the type of components we make.  Should you require more detail, we would welcome you to contact us either by emailing Graham Anderson, the Sales Director, at or by calling us during office hours at +27 (0) 11 9081696.

Tube mill liners being prepared for delivery
Large blowbars ready for despatch
Pump casings ready for delivery
Checking machined pump components